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The positive training techniques will be fun while building confidence for you and your team. Your dog will burn lots of mental energy as well as physical energy. You will learn how to TRUST your dog’s incredible sense of smell and the natural desire to hunt.

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Odor Recognition Training

Odor Recognition in Scent Games is a critical skill for dogs. Your dog will be introduced to the odors for which organization you choose to play, whether it be AKC, UKC, or NACSW. You will learn to read your dog’s communication when they encounter the odor.

Confidence Training

Get your dog feeling more confident in new situations. These simple, easy-to-learn techniques can significantly impact your dog’s ability to cope with new situations and people. Any breed can learn Scent Work! Are you ready to get your dog sniffin?

Competition Readiness

Dog competition readiness training is a great way to get your dog ready for the big stage. Training increases the sense of trust and team building between the handler and the dog. Your dog will learn to search the following elements: Containers, Interiors, Exterior, Vehicles and Buried.

Get Your Dog Good At Scent Work

What is Scent Work?

Scent work is a great way to stimulate your dog’s mind while allowing them to use their natural ability to sniff things out. It’s a fun and exciting sport for both humans and dogs as it builds confidence.

Welcome to the Ohana Hina Family! I live by giving you 100% of myself, my knowledge, and my skills. I believe that ALL Dogs can have fun by using their instincts to search out the odor. Learning to give up control and giving it to your partner who has the nose is a fundamental step in our training.

The Benefits of Ohana Hina Training

Why Join Us?

When you join the Ohana Hina Family we will work on:

  • Odor Recognition
  • Team Building
  • Confidence
  • Competition Readiness

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Our training sessions and workshops are designed to help your dog learn to sniff & build confidence in the world around them.