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I offer a personalized service of training. I enjoy coaching private and small group sessions so we can focus on your dog’s scent abilities. The goal is to have fun while learning to be a supportive partner for your dog. Our dogs need to know that we believe and trust them.

My goal is to help you release control and allow you and your dog to move as one!

Thirty-minute sessions

Maximize your dog’s sense of smell. Our 30-minutes sessions of scent training introduce you to the world of scents and how they work.

One hour sessions

Scent training is part of any new dog’s life, and we want to make it easy for you. One-hour sessions that are customized to meet your dog’s needs.

Quarterly Workshops

Our quarterly dog scent training workshop is designed to help you create a fun and rewarding experience for your dog.

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Ohana Hina Training offers private dog training specializing in scent work. We use scent work to hone your dog’s natural instincts and natures. Join us and help your pet build confidence, strengthen their bond with you and get to know other friendly dogs.